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You call it Social Distancing.......We called it Anti-Social!

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It is fun to laugh, joke and blow off steam! However, things just got REAL! We are usually the scary ones and not easily frightened. COVID-19 has literally changed everything. Considering that I wanted to give a quick blurb here to let all you fiends know exactly how Hip Crypt is managing it. Below you will get the dirt…dig it!

  • Hip Crypt will remain OPEN and will continue to process orders safely.
  • We can continue to ship orders because we are family owned and operated. We will be working to pack and ship all orders.
  • Hip Crypt orders will be shipping now on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, until further notice.
  • Ellie shoe orders will not ship until the warehouse re-opens. As it turns, we do not know when that will happen. We will continue to accept shoe orders; however, they will be pre-orders. Once they re-open, those orders will ship. 
  • Stay safe, healthy and weird. We will get through this. By the way did you ever think we would have our own version of the Black Plague.
  • Great vigilance on social distancing. Loners of the world unite!

Thanks for your patronage and understanding in these times of uncertainty! Things will go back to a new normal soon. Hit a Ghoul up with any questions. If at any time we feel we are risking the health and safety of ourselves or others the coffin will close. 

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